Natural Oatmeal Bath Soak with Marshmallow

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Get the most from bath time for your child’s skin by offering the hydrating benefits of natural oatmeal, as well as the soothing properties of marshmallow root for dry skin. By dissolving our oatmeal bath soak into the bath water it will moisturise, protect and cleanse the skin. Even after your child is out of the bath the nourishment from our bath soak continues to moisturise the skin taking away dryness.

Not only do our bath soaks offer the skin moisture and nourishment while in the bath, they prepare the skin to absorb the most amount of hydration when our moisturiser is applied for long lasting skin nourishment.

Ingredients: Avena Sativa (Oat) Flour, Marshmallow Root Powder

Made in Australia, Itchy Baby Co products are created with the goodness of natural ingredients without additives and stabilisers. Made by an Aussie mum who knew that dealing with her baby's eczema shouldn't be "just one of those things"