Yoni Egg, Carnelian - GIA Certified

Brand: LA LOBA
Size: 30 x 20mm (small)

La Loba Yoni eggs assist in reconnecting with self and to bring connection between a woman and her Yoni. Where attention goes energy flows! Since ancient times these practices were used for improving the physical and spiritual health of a woman. Yoni eggs have been known to help with numbness, pain, lubrication and building sensitivity.

Our womb and yoni is a very sacred place where we access our wisdom, power and creativity. Ideas and life are birthed from here. Generally by living busy lives we forget to honour this sacred space within us and for many women this is where we dump emotions and energy that we are unwilling or unable to face. By using an egg we can clear blocked emotions and learn to be in deeper connection with ourselves.  

This egg comes with a hole drilled so you can add string for easier removal.


Physical Benefits

Increase in self-pleasure

Can use internally and externally

Healthier to use than plastic sex toys

Increases sensitivity rather than decreases it, which is what you find with vibrating sex toys


Spiritual Benefits

Increase in self-love

Healing vibrations

Connects one with their Yoni & pleasure

Can help to release stored trauma

Shifts any blockages being held in the womb space

Eggs come in a La Loba linen pouch for safekeeping. 

For information on how to use your Yoni Egg click here. Instructions will also be sent out with your order.