5 reasons your sunscreen should be eco-friendly

5 reasons your sunscreen should be eco-friendly

August 24, 2020

The sun is crucial for our survival and provides our body with all-important Vitamin D, however, it can also be deadly. In Australia where the burn time is under 10mins, we know the importance of sunscreen use. However, what many Australians don't know is how much damage these mainstream brands are doing to our cell structure and also the environment beyond our bodies. We looked to People4Ocean to help shine light on some little known information. 

5 reasons you want to choose non-toxic sunscreen:

1. There is strong evidence that mainstream sunscreens are polluting our water ways and entering our oceans. Oxybenzone, Octinoxate and Octocrylene are commonly used UV-filters in chemical base sunscreens. When we apply and go for a swim in the ocean, these ingredients are toxic to ocean life, acting as hormones disruptors on marine species and impacting coral reefs from very small concentrations.

2. What affects marine life also affects us. Applying chemical sunscreen on the skin directly affects our health via the bloodstream. A study in 2012 found Oxybenzone in 96% of urine samples in the USA. More concerning even, several UV-filters were detected in Swiss breast milk samples. 

3. The very same ingredients have been linked to kidney and liver dysfunction, hormonal disruption. In 2012, the Environmental Working Group released a report recommending that sunscreens be free of oxybenzone due to potential links to cell damage that may lead to skin cancer.

4. Coral reefs worldwide have been in decline for as long as we can remember. Climate change, land clearance, pollution and overfishing are all human impacts these ecosystems have to face worldwide. Taking the sunscreen chemicals out of the equation would greatly help take the pressure off these already stressed ecosystems. 

5. Zinc oxide has a long history of use in skin care. Of all FDA approved UV-filters, zinc oxide is known to reflect the most ultraviolet energy and protects against both UVA and UVB rays, the two forms of sun energy that are the most damaging for the skin. Sustainable and ethical choices of ingredients especially active ingredients are crucial for your health, the wrong ingredients even in small amounts and bioaccumulate in the body over time causing numerous issues, Zinx Oxide is one of the safest and most powerful ingredients you could choose when looking at sunscreen. 


At Saints of the Wild we stock only reef-safe and zinc based sunscreens that are all free from Oxybenzone, Octinoxate and Octocrylene and many more harmful preservatives that go into your standard SPF's. Head to 'Suncare' to see our range. information sourced from: people4ocean.com

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