Becoming a mum, the reason for change

Becoming a mum, the reason for change

October 19, 2020

My passion for sustainable clean and green beauty began around 12 years ago when I discovered that my beloved (Clinique) moisturiser contained a main ingredient that was derived directly from petroleum aka ‘Mineral Oil’. On closer inspection I realised that nothing inside this expensive brand was actually benefiting my skin, in fact it may actually be harming my skin. 

Upon months of further investigations, calling brands and consulting experts in the industry, I found that the cosmetics and personal care industry is essentially self-regulated, which allows many brands to include known toxic or dangerous synthetic compounds in their products. Some of which are banned in many countries other than Australia (and the U.S). What had also become apparent is that brands are not required to disclose hundreds of chemical ingredients if they’re hidden under the guise of their own secret formula called ‘fragrance’. There could be 1000’s of dangerous trace chemicals under this formula. This discovery changed the way I lived, leaving no stone unturned in the hunt for the best organic, natural and ethical beauty brands.  

In 2016, after becoming a mother, I realised that the cosmetics industry doesn't even regulate ingredients in baby care products. So there I was with a newborn with beautiful, sensitive, new-to-the-world skin and I was able to pick a supermarket brand of the shelves and either wipe, rub or bathe her in hundreds of chemicals that were known by scientific evidence and research to be bioaccumulative toxins, skin irritants, carcinogens & endocrine disruptors (which effect hormones). I was so angry at these brands, I couldn’t believe the marketing spins they were putting on their packaging to get away with fooling unsuspecting mothers into purchasing their products, making them feel like they were making a safe choice for their precious babies. These brands would say things like “Dermatologically tested”, “vegan”, “paraben free”, “hypoallergic” or “uses organic ingredients” to make themselves look like they were doing the right thing, like they were trustworthy. When in fact, it is all just clever marketing tactics to distract you from the actual list of ingredients, which most people would have a hard time deciphering anyway. 

For me, enough was enough after my second baby was born and friends around me started having their first. I couldn’t let any more babies or mothers be deceived into believing that these choices weren’t harming their children’s health. Once I started seeing friends and family members using these harmful products on their babies who I loved, I knew I had to do something to change this. And so, Saints of the Wild was born out of a desire to educate consumers on the importance of what goes onto their skin and showcase how incredible these truly clean, natural and organic brands can be in their effects. 

I want people to experience a range of beautiful, safe products which are much more nourishing and effective than those offered by most mainstream brands, that have chosen to put profit over people’s health. A big part of this is education, so I’ve started an education blog as part of my store as well, and I aim to use knowledge from industry experts to help guide people towards making the right choices. We can do this by supporting ethical brands using the best ingredients for our health, but also for the health of our planet. I wanted to support and sell brands that are using sustainable practices and leading the way in the cosmetics and personal care industries. Not surprisingly, lots of bigger beauty companies have actually started to follow in their footsteps. Through market evaluation, they can now see that people are now voting with their dollar and supporting brands who are doing the right thing for our environment. Hopefully, this means that one day the industry will have much stricter regulations. Which is something I'm also working on lobbying for, but until then, store’s like mine have to exist to filter out the unnecessary ingredients.     

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