Eunoia talks Soul Rituals

Eunoia talks Soul Rituals

July 31, 2020

Founder of Eunoia Soul Rituals, Jackie Morgan started her career in health as a Clinical Nutritionist, with a strong focus on chemical-free living. She began hosting ‘detox shops’ at local supermarkets teaching groups how to identify chemicals in our cosmetics and about the natural alternatives available. Here, we talk to Jackie about soulful intention and how to change your morning routine into a ritual with purpose. 

What do you feel is the most important thing to do when we wake up in the morning? 

I think something easy but impactful that we can all do when we wake up is take 5 deep breaths. Often what we want to do is instantly reach for our phones (I’m also guilty!), but if we can take a couple of mindful deep breaths before we do that then we get an opportunity to centre ourselves before the day begins. 

Please share your favourite part of your morning and how this affects your headspace for the day?

At the moment my morning routine is to make a coffee, pick an intention for the day with one of Eunoia perfume oils. I pick a perfume oil and goddess every morning and place the goddess card around my house as a visual reminder to come back to the intention throughout the day. I also like to use this time to read a book or pull an oracle card. For me, having a solid morning routine makes my whole day run more smoothly - I love me some ‘me time’!

Which ingredients within your skincare do you feel the strongest connection too?

I love how our ‘Daily Rituals Set’ heroes Australian fruits, nuts, seeds and oil. At the moment I’m loving using the Alchemy rosehip cream exfoliant in particular as it contains watermelon and strawberries and the scent always reminds me of summer!

When we use the term “chemical-free” we are referring to, potentially harmful man-made chemicals. Why do you feel a chemical-free life is so important for us all? 

Ooof! Big question! If you go into your local supermarket you’ll be bombarded with chemicals, preservatives and artificial ingredients in the cosmetics aisle and beyond. Chemicals are prevalent in so many of the foods we eat and the cosmetics that we apply that they can feel impossible to avoid. The average woman applies hundreds of chemicals to her skin before she even walks out the door in the morning. This can have a hugely detrimental effect on pretty much every system within the body from our mood regulators to our hormone production. If we can cut down on the chemicals that we use in our products each day, that can make a massive difference to our overall health. I try to encourage people to replace their mainstream products with something natural every time they run out. In a few months, you’ll have a bathroom cupboard filled with natural product alternatives. 

Lastly, what was the most inspiring thing you learned whilst studying Holistic Nutrition?

How resilient the body is! And how overtime we can ignite our bodies natural healing systems through diet and lifestyle. 

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